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My Book

About my Hurricane Preparedness guide and where to purchase

If you need a copy quickly, consider purchasing the eBook from Amazon for just $9.95 (plus any applicable tax).  If you don't have a Kindle reader, free readers are available for Apple, Android, and PCs.

The author, Haskell Moore, has conducted seminars and taught courses based on the principles in Hurricane Preparedness for the Home and Family since 2005.  He has been featured on local Houston television and CNN radio, and thousands have attended his sessions. 


Topics covered in this book include:

  1. The basics of getting ready for a hurricane, tropical storm, or flood more quickly and safely with less cost and anxiety.

  2. Preparing your home, including protecting your windows, securing your garage doors, and safeguarding your home’s contents during a flood.  There is also a section specifically for apartment and high-rise dwellings.

  3. Tips on preventing damage to your vehicles during a flood.  If you have to evacuate, this book outlines what to pack and how to prepare your vehicles for a safe and trouble-free journey.

  4. Getting your pets ready to either ride out a hurricane or travel along on an evacuation so that you and they are less stressed and more comfortable.

  5. Helping your children of all ages understand what to expect, and how to psychologically prepare them so they are less fearful and anxious.  This includes low-tech entertainment ideas for when the power is out.

  6. Choosing the best products for your home and family, including emergency lighting, generators, food, water storage, and much more.

This book covers a wide range of topics in considerable detail but was written so it is easy to read and apply to your own individual situation.  It is packed from cover to cover with useful information, including several tips that may literally save your life!

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